Automatic Rack Black Oxide* System

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Automatic Rack Black Oxide* System

Available NOW!! Disassembly & Removal In-Process TODAY!! 

11-Station (Wet Processes) Rack Black Oxide* (Mid-Temp 200F) - 17-Station Incl. Load/Unload Cells

Tank Dimensions (Nominal): 36" DOT x 48"CDOT x 40"D Approx. (Work Envelope 36" CDOT x 30"DOT x 36"D Approx.) - 300 gallons

Superstructure Dimensions: 60 ft. DOT x 10 ft. CDOT x 13 ft. H

Overhead Crane: Single-Hoist Max. 1000 lbs. 

Automation: Allen-Bradley SLC 50 Programmable     Productivity: 8-10 min. cycle     UofM Annually: Approx. 350,000 units

Mfg.: Unifab (2008)

Process: Birchwood-Casey Mid-Temp (200F) Black Oxide*

  1. Load
  2. Load
  3. Load
  4. Alkaline Soak Cleaner
  5. Counter-flow Rinse 
  6. Counter-flow Rinse
  7. Acid Activator
  8. Counter-flow Rinse
  9. Counter-flow Rinse
  10. Black Oxide
  11. Black Oxide
  12. Counter-flow Rinse
  13. Counter-flow Rinse
  14. Rust Preventative
  15. Unload
  16. Unload
  17. Unload
*Easily convertible to other wet processes, such as: antiquing, cold/hot black oxide, chem film, electroless nickel, passivate & phospate applications. 
Take advantage of this opportunity, equipment is moving NOW, as we speak. Professionally rigged and all electrical marked and labeled for quick re-installation. Included: Manuals, schematics, racks, rack shuttles, spare parts, etc. CALL US TODAY!!! 
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