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30 in. C-155 Carbon Cartridges (Qty. 30)


in. long x 2 5/8 in. O/D Diameter, Priced per case / 30 per case

C-155 Series Cartridges are a premium line of activated carbon filter cartridges specifically designed for electroplating solutions. They represent the best technology available in cartridge filtration for use in a wide range of electroplating applications.

The unique technology used to manufacture this product ensures that there is no bleeding of carbon fines into the plating bath. In addition, the carbon that is used is an ultra-clean, highly purified carbon to ensure that sulfur is not leached into the plating bath.


  • Cellulose-free construction
  • Resistant to chemical breakdown in both acidic and alkaline solutions up to 180 ÌŠF (82 ÌŠC)
  • Integrated post-filtration layer to ensure that no carbon fines are bled into the plating bath
  • Endcap gaskets are permanently molded on to the endcaps to ease filter cartridge change-out

Construction Details
Inner polypropylene core for compressive strength.
Inner layer of polyolefin and synthetic fibers selected for a nominal 7.5 micron final filter.
This performs a final scrubbing job assuring no carbon bleed-off.
Outer pre-filter-purification layer consisting of a blend of finely pulverized activated carbonwhich has been locked on to a blend of polyolefin and synthetic fibers in a unique wetaccretion process.
This layer provides for true depth filtration-purification in one solution pass without carbon channeling or media migration.
Outer polyolefin netting for surface integrity and appearance.
Injection molded polyethylene base end-caps of low durometer provide for effective sealing when cartridges are used alone or when stacked.

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