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6230N Jenco Protable


6230N Jenco Protable

pH/mV/Temp. microprocessor handheld meter in splash proof case with 3 point calibration, RS-232-C IBM compatible communication interface and BNC, pH/ORP connector with 8-pin DIN ATC connector. AC/DC power. CE Approved.

    • 3 Point Calibration
    • Power Down Memories
    • Electrode Offset Recognition
    • Electrode Slope Recognition
    • Built In Buffer Temp. Coefficients
    • ATC
    • RS-232C Output
    • CE Approved
    • Splash Resistant/Watertight Case
    • Battery/AC Adaptor
    • High 50/60Hz Noise Rejection
    • UL Approved AC Line Adaptor
    • A Conventional 9V Battery
    • Highly Reliable Mechanical Touch Keys With Audio Feedback

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