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6V / 1200A DC power supply, 460VAC Rectifier


Switch Mode DC – Power Supply MS-SERIES air-cooled variant as a wall mount.

Rectifier with a constant low ripple of 1 % (full range), wear-resistant setting from 0…100 % of rated output by means of power electronics.

Rectifier is build into a powder coated metal enclosure with back hooks for wall mount installation.

The power circuit is designed for continuous operation at the rated output and therefore especially designed for industrial applications.

The connections for the AC input power, the Dc output and controls are realized via terminal bars in bottom of the wall mount enclosure.
Main Components:
– Mains fuses
– EMC filter
– Power semiconductors for pulse amplitude modulation
– Electronics for constant current and voltage control

Protection Devices:
– Over current protection
– short-circuit protection
– Over temperature supervision

Technical data:
Mains voltage:  3 x 460V / 60 Hz
Rated DC voltage: 6V
Rated DC current: 1200 A

Duty factor:  100 %
Ripple voltage:  < 1 % full range
Setting:  0…100 % current and voltage
Control:  Constant current and voltage control
Control accuracy: < 1%
Cooling:  Forced air-cooled
Ambient temperature: Up to 104 °F
Site altitude:  Up to 3280 ft above sea-level

Dimensions:  W/ D/ H = 19/ 36 / 12 inches
Weight:   104 lbs
Degree of protection: Nema 2

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