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6V / 250A DC power supply, 230VAC Rectifier


Compact portable plating rectifier MS series for bench use.

Suitable for precision plating, laboratory use and reel to reel applications. Rectifier provides a constant low ripple of up to only 1 % to achieve excellent plating results for any plating process. Process limitations like with SCR controlled rectifiers do not exist anymore.

Double housing construction. Rectifier is built into a separate metal compartment which is surounded by a polystyrol enclosure. This ensures minimal exposure to harsh environments.

The power circuit is designed for continuous operation at the rated output and therefore especially suitable for industrial applications.

The connections for the AC input power and DC output are realized via
terminals in the back of the enclosure.

The local controls are built into the front of the enclosure to enable
control at the rectifier.
The following components are installed:   
– 1 pc. Digital DC voltmeter
– 1 pc. Digital DC current meter
– 1 pc. Nominal value setter DC voltage 0 –100 %
– 1 pc. Nominal value setter DC current 0 –100 %
– 1 pc. Select switch rectifier On/Off
Main Components inside the rectifier:
– Mains fuses
– EMC filter
– Power semiconductors for power control and rectification
– Electronics for constant current and voltage control
Protection Devices:
– DC over current protection
– DC short-circuit protection 

Technical data:
Mains voltage:  1 x 230 V / 60 Hz
Rated DC voltage: 6V
Rated DC current: 250A

Duty factor:  100 %
Ripple voltage:  < 1 % full range
Setting:  0…100 % current and voltage
Control:  Constant current and voltage control
Control accuracy: < 1%
Cooling:  Forced air-cooled
Ambient temperature: Up to 104 °F
Site altitude:  Up to 3280 ft above sea-level

Dimensions:  W/ D/ H = 21 /18/7.4 inches
Weight:   51 lbs
Degree of protection: Nema 2

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