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AS 100 Anodizing Controller


The AS 100 stands out because of its high power combined with the simplicity of operation that it offers. This fully automatic remote process controller, for use in the anodic oxidisation of aluminium, especially in decorative processes.

The AS 100 can be connected with all current rectifier makes and models. Also, because it has been carefully designed for simple incorporation into any installation, it can be used to simply replace existing controllers.

The AS 100 calculates the process time based on the requested coating thickness and current density applied – pre-calculation by the operator is not necessary any more. The remaining process time is shown on the display, allowing the operator to be prepared to take out the load before the process-end alarm starts.

Main Features
This unit is built into a solid powder coated metal housing which meets all of the requirements of NEMA 12. Control is achieved with a multi-line display which is integrated into the covered front panel. The display keeps the operator informed of the following points:

a)actual process current
b)actual process voltage
c)current bath temperature
d)remaining process time
e)load number
f)order number
g)actual current density (current density mode)
h)required layer thickness (current density mode)
i)actual layer thickness (current density mode)
j)actual surface area of load (current density mode)

As a supplement to the process data, some of which is displayed in the form of bar diagrams, the display can also supply help messages to help the operator run the program.

The following control modes are available at the push of a single button:

-Current density mode
-Voltage/time control
-Current/time control

The operator then simply chooses one of the 24 available process programs, each of which can also be selected by pushing one button. After then pressing the start button, the process is automatically controlled by the AS 100. Should the rectifier face an overload, this controller will automatically detect it and reduce the current density (current density mode only).

In current density mode, the required current density and layer thickness are used to automatically calculate the process time. The anodizing process starts running automatically once the “on” button has been pressed. From this point until the moment it is switched off, the AS 100 takes on complete control of the process. If the load size becomes too great for the rectifier’s rated capacity, then the current density is automatically reduced and the process recalculated.

During operation, the AS 100 displays the remaining process time. If the crane to remove work-pieces is not available at the end of the process, the controller automatically controls conditions in the tank to keep the layer thickness steady. The process is only switched off by use of the “off” button.

If a fault occurs at any point that results in the anodizing process being interrupted, the necessary adjustments can be automatically be made to the layer to offset the interruption with the touch of a button.

On top of this, the AS 100 displays the bath temperature and can be used to switch the cooling system on and off.

The unit also includes an Ah meter which can be used for dosing.

The integrated automatic load adjustment feature enables differently sized loads to be to be equally treated (in a ratio of 30% to 100%) without the need to set a new program.

Process Parameters:
We recommend the following parameters to get the most out of the AS 100:

a)stable aluminium content 6 – 12 g/l, max. deviation ± 2 g/l
b)constant concentration of H2SO4 180 g/l, max. deviation ± 10 g/l
c)use of one carrier for each different alloy (settings for up to 12 different alloys can be stored by the unit)

Dimensions:W/D/H = 23.6 / 9.3 / 15 inch
Weight:approx. 76 lbs

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